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These are the 3 main interior trends for 2023

Ready to upgrade your interior? Get your inspiration from the three hottest home decor trends of the moment. Interior stylist Evelyne van Vlerken from Jackie Woo explains how you can apply these ideas to your own favourite rooms.

Interior trend #1: shoreline dreams

Would you like to unwind with the sound of waves in the background while the soft sand tickles your feet? Thanks to shoreline dreams, you can now bring the ultimate Zen feeling into your home. The combination of a dreamy atmosphere with natural accents makes it a Pinterest proof interior trend.

“This trend goes hand in hand with the Japandi style, a mashup of Scandinavian design and Japanese design. Cosy minimalism is the main idea behind this style”, explains Evelyne van Vlerken of interior agency Jackie Woo. “Your room will exude a sense of calm thanks to this blend of sleekness and warmth.”

To add some contrast, the Japandi style plays with black. The other colours that you use depend on the style you want to emphasise. Whatever colour palette you choose, they will both make you dream of sandy beaches and long coastlines.

Scandinavian design is lighter with a more neutral look. White ,grey and taupe are commonly used colours and looks great in combination with the faded brush strokes of Sahara in beige and Sand in blue grey. You will also find these blurry lines in the blue and grey shades of Arctic wallpaper.


You will recognise the Japanese style by the rich colours or earth tones, such as red and terracotta. These colours create a sense of warmth in your home. Japanese Landscape follows the rules of the art: it mixes orange and brown in a tranquil panorama of misty hills. Looking to add a touch of boho to your room?  Pampas wallpaper surprises you with timeless, golden plumes.

An appreciation of Mother Nature plays an important role in rooms inspired by the Japandi style. The main pieces of furniture are made from untreated wood to which you add natural accents such as linen accessories or greenery from the garden. “You can put some branches or plants in a rough earthenware vase with an antique look. If the emphasis is on the Japanese style, terracotta adds a bit of spice to your interior”, says Evelyne.

Besides wood, this style also uses other rough textured materials. Examples are tables in travertine, a type of limestone that resembles marble or a piece in mortex, a decorative plaster with a concrete look.

This robust character also fits in with wabi sabi, the Japanese philosophy that embraces the beauty of imperfection. “If this concept appeals to you, you could experiment with the art kintsugi. The principle behind this is that rather than discarding the broken pieces of a ceramic bowl, the fragments are put back together and the cracks are accentuated with gold or silver lacquer. Perfectly imperfect.” 

Wabi Sabi | Wallpaper | WallHaus   

Interior trend #2: forest glamping

Forest glamping combines nature at its best with rich materials. This interior trend waves goodbye to the primitive camping experience and replaces it with a luxury hotel vibe.  

Evelyne: “To create this vibe in your home, we recommend you use warm, dark hues – think olive green, terracotta or brown.” Palm Leaves features subtropical palm leaves in fifty different shades of green. Wood has multiple shades of blue with which you can create a rough wooden wall. Do you prefer a panoramic view? The tall, narrow trees on Morning Glory provide a beautiful, misty backdrop. Or if you are up for something a little bit more abstract: Colorful Landscape wallpaper depicts a landscape in earth tones.

A forest glamping print pretty much looks great anywhere in your home. “You use your bedroom or living room for relaxing so in these rooms it is best to use a forest glamping print on an accent wall. There are no limits as far as smaller rooms such as hallways or toilets are concerned. There, you can apply the wallpaper on every wall since there are very few other objects in these rooms to compete for your attention.”

You could also choose not to use these prints and opt for the warm green provided by Harmony or the light brown basis of Distressed Canvas wallpaper to give your home that natural look.  

More than any other trend, forest glamping asks for sustainable choices. “Try to bring natural and recycled materials into your interior such as wood, bamboo, rattan, jute or linen. And use high quality items or items that can be upcycled. Paint your light wooden table in a different colour rather than getting rid of it or make cushions out of old throws or curtains. Replace your existing lighting with energy efficient LED lamps” says Evelyne.

Various interior styles match with this trend. “In an industrial space you can work with cold colours and smooth, rough materials, whilst you keep a Scandinavian interior light and sober. You can also mix different patterns and styles to achieve an eclectic look.”

Interior trend #3: tropical romanticism

From soft forms to flowers in XL format: tropical romanticism combines romantic vibes with natural elements.

“This trend makes abundant use of soft, romantic colours, such as pastels or various hues of beige or pink. These colours introduce a sense of calm into your interior”, says Evelyne.  By combining subdued colours with round shapes it is as if the Vintage Twist wallpaper is whispering to you: ‘relax, take it easy’.

If you would like to liven up your room with a splash of colour, we recommend using strong and bold colours such as orange, red, green or mustard. Bring such a cheerful mix into your home with the flowers in watercolour of Honey. The extravagant bouquet of Wild Flowers or the statement leaves of Colored Leaves wallpaper steal the spotlight on a light background.

Combine the colour palette of your walls with decorative lines or prints to emphasise the romantic character. Organic shapes, such as bows or circles, also feature prominently in this trend. Add soft textures such as velvet or cashmere. You are less likely to see metal or other hard materials in this interior style.  “Although this rule does not apply to brass which is an alloy of copper and zinc. The golden look of brass instantly creates that wow effect.”

The tropical romanticism trend truly comes into its own by adding a tropical twist to your furniture or accessories. “Wood, rattan or earthenware are natural elements that look great in such a romantic atmosphere.”

What kind of interior style suits this trend? Evelyne explains: “You are probably thinking of a country interior with lots of light and greenery but you can also combine this style with an industrial design to create an interesting contrast. For example, you could put decorative, romantic flowers on a sleek pedestal. Such details instantly provide a fresh and modern twist.”

As you can see, you can either go all out for that romantic vibe or you can play with contrasts. Whatever you choose to go for, make sure that it reflects your own unique personality. “An interior only tells an interesting story if it contains personal elements.” 

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Evelyne van Vlerken runs interior agency Jackie Woo. She provides advice for fans of interior design like you, and furnishes houses for estate agents and project developers.

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