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WallHaus Gift Card

WallHaus Gift Card
WH-giftcards-NL-25 GC-0025
WH-giftcards-NL-50 GC-0050
WH-giftcards-NL-75 GC-0075
WH-giftcards-NL-100 GC-0100
WH-giftcards-NL-150 GC-0150
WH-giftcards-NL-200 GC-0200
WH-giftcards-NL-250 GC-0250
WH-giftcards-NL-300 GC-0300
WH-giftcards-EN-25 GC-0025
WH-giftcards-EN-50 GC-0050
WH-giftcards-EN-75 GC-0075
WH-giftcards-EN-100 GC-0100
WH-giftcards-EN-150 GC-0150
WH-giftcards-EN-200 GC-0200
WH-giftcards-EN-250 GC-0250
WH-giftcards-EN-300 GC-0300
WH-giftcards-FR-25 GC-0025
WH-giftcards-FR-50 GC-0050
WH-giftcards-FR-75 GC-0075
WH-giftcards-FR-100 GC-0100
WH-giftcards-FR-150 GC-0150
WH-giftcards-FR-200 GC-0200
WH-giftcards-FR-250 GC-0250
WH-giftcards-FR-300 GC-0300
WH-giftcards-DE-25 GC-0025
WH-giftcards-DE-50 GC-0050
WH-giftcards-DE-75 GC-0075
WH-giftcards-DE-100 GC-0100
WH-giftcards-DE-150 GC-0150
WH-giftcards-DE-200 GC-0200
WH-giftcards-DE-250 GC-0250
WH-giftcards-DE-300 GC-0300

WallHaus Gift Card


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A gift for Christmas, a birthday, a new home or just because: the Wallhaus giftcard is the perfect gift for any occasion. Our guarantee? A stylish interior and lots of happy faces.

All the advantages of a WallHaus giftcard at a glance: 
> Valid for 1 year from the date of purchase
> Valid for the entire range of Wallhaus products
> The amount of your voucher can be spread over various orders. The remaining balance can be used up to 1 year after the date of purchase
> You can choose from various gift amounts, perfect for both small and big occasions
> You will receive the digital gift voucher in your mailbox within 10 minutes - say goodbye to the stress of last minute present buying ;-) 

You can order the WallHaus gift voucher in 4 easy steps
1. Choose the gift voucher amount 
2. Add the voucher to your shopping basket & finalise your order                        
3. Go to your mailbox & download the voucher. 
4. Send the voucher with unique gift code to the recipient. You can also print the voucher if you do not want to arrive empty-handed.



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