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Claudia De La Hoz

I was born in Colombia and came to France for my studies more than 20 years ago! With a background in History of Art and then in Interior Design, I have travelled a rich path in experiences and encounters in the fields of interior decoration, textiles and design. Since less than a year, I present you this project which combines Art and decoration my two great passions: decoration and art. My paintings mix the themes of nature and architecture, but also themes like liberation, loneliness, beauty and salvation.


Welcome to my world!

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WallHaus x Claudia De La Hoz

My inspiration sources are nature, beauty, mysticism and architecture. Painters like Botticelli, going through Reynolds and Edwards Hopper. The light and the softness in color are my biggest concerns. Balance and the fake perspectives are a way to build the painting. The color blue is a starting point to me. The king of colours, in opposition to pink or orange tones.

Wallpaper is one of my favourite parts in house decoration. It permits to travel around other worlds through the patterns and themes.

I think that designing wallpaper it is a great opportunity to broaden my work to a larger public that loves decoration and arts.

Claudia De La Hoz's choice

When it comes to the prints, I like everything that has to do with nature, birds, soft colors, geometrics and architectural designs.


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