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Graphic Wallpaper Free Play Canvas

€17.62/m2 (€74.00 /roll)
WH0189 Free Play Canvas Bordeaux
WH0189 Free Play Canvas Bordeaux
WH0189 Free Play Bordeaux
WH0189 swatch-bordeaux
WH0190 Free Play Canvas Terra
WH0190 swatch-terra
WH0188 Free Play Canvas Olijfgroen
WH0188 Free Play Canvas Olijfgroen
WH0188 swatch-olijfgroen
WH0188 Free Play Canvas Olijfgroen

Graphic Wallpaper Free Play Canvas

€17.62/m2 (€74.00 /roll)

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Wallpaper Free Play Canvas presents a harmonious interplay of striped patterns that flow effortlessly together, creating a seamless and luxurious look for your interior. Each stripe is meticulously designed to blend with the next, forming a cohesive and elegant tapestry that enhances any space. The careful attention to detail in the patterning ensures that the wallpaper not only complements but also elevates the overall aesthetic of the room, making it a standout feature.

Whether the wallpaper is used as an accent wall or throughout an entire space, the Free Play Canvas print adds an element of refined elegance that can transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary. Its versatile design makes it compatible with a variety of furnishings and styles, from minimalist to eclectic. By choosing Free Play Canvas, you're not just covering a wall; you're making a statement of style and sophistication that will be appreciated for years to come.

Need help? Check out our handy wallpapering instructions for step-by-step guidance.


  • Length 280 mm
  • Width 150 cm
  • Width jobs 50 cm
  • Amount of jobs 3


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